Kamisu warehouse

Acquired a warehouse in Kamisu, Ibaraki, Japan. It was in the state of the picture. Fujikawa, the company founder, performed a large-scale repair as described below.
He performed all the design and management related to the construction, procurement, replacement the roof, concrete floor, and the solar power system.
Some interior renovations were carried out by a renovation company.

Kamisu building

Kamisu old roofLeaking roof

Kamisu old roomThere were many leftovers in the room.

Kamisu replacing roofReplaced a leaking roof.

Kamisu new roofCompleted installation of roofing material with very high antioxidant performance.

Kamisu roof with solar panels

Kamisu roof with solar panels

Solar panels are also installed on the roof. All power is sold through a power supply route separate from the real estate itself.

Kamizu Power Intervers

Kamisu power conditioner and current collector

Kamisu replacing floorRemoved wooden floor

Kamisu replacing floor

Throwing away old floor materials

Enforcing floorInstallation of rebar to withstand heavy loads

kamisu 2F Before reform

kamisu 2F Before reform

kamisu 2F After reform

kamisu 2F After reform

Kamisu refined roomThe room is also renovated

Kamisu refined room2

Another storage
Set up another shed in the garden.

Another storage

Another storage


Completed roof and floor renovation.

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